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Elderberry Infused Honey 8 oz


Elderberry Infused Honey 8 oz

Our Wild Elderberry with Honey product has been a huge success and is rapidly becoming a favorite for many of our customers.  We have been asked so frequently at events if our Wild Elderberry with Honey is actually flavored (infused) honey. It quickly became obvious that this would be a popular product.

We took local, raw Honey, with all of it’s inherent Health benefits, and infused it with Wild Elderberries and Ceylon Cinnamon creating a marvelously sweet spread with a bit of a bite.  Used in teas, glazes, or simply spread on toast, we think you’ll agree that the best medicines are indeed our foods!



Well you can look it up but here is what we define it as: The process of seeking out and harvesting wild foods and putting them to beneficial use.

Not in the certified sense. Organic certification requires strict control over the environment and processing of foods. Wildcrafting is, by its very nature contrary to much of what is required to become organically certified. However, the remote areas we conduct our Wildcrafting adventures in are extremely pristine, and not subject to external contamination. I was once told that Wildcrafting is More Organic than Organic.

I typically take two to four tbsp per day. Since it’s not toxic in any way, I really don’t pay attention to the amount. I like it in iced or hot tea, or sparkling water that we make at home. My favorite beverage is sparkling water, homemade kombucha,  and Elderberry syrup combined. I know many people that enjoy adding it to their favorite vodka, rum, or gin. The sweetness of the syrup combined with the spices we use give almost any beverage a delightful flavor.

Simple ingredients, complex process. Wildcrafted Elderberries (sambucus canadensis, sambucus nigras), organic cane sugar, distilled water, and a proprietary spice blend. FYI, our proprietary spice blend is kept in a safe along with the original Coke recipe and Colonel Sanders secret recipe LOL.  We NEVER add any artificial preservatives or other artificial ingredients

Yes!!!  This product and our process has been tested and approved by an accredited independent laboratory.  It is manufactured and bottled in a licensed commercial kitchen and the staff (our family) has been properly trained and certified as master processors and food protection managers.  Our facility and product is inspected and monitored by the Idaho Public Health Department and meets all FDA manufacturing, processing, and labeling requirements.

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