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About Bitterroot Botanicals of Idaho

Bitterroot Botanicals of Idaho began as a personal desire to provide our family and friends with incredibly natural healthy products.

 We chose Wildcrafting as a primary means of supplying the natural ingredients for our own use whenever possible . We made this choice for ingredients because in our minds, nothing could be more Organic than a naturally occurring plants, sought out and harvested from its native habitat, and put to beneficial use. Combining this “bounty of  nature” with certified organic items allows us to create amazing healthful foods which we believe are of superior quality.

Who We Are

Hello from Bitterroot Botanicals.  We are Darryl, Melissa, and Axel and this is our story. 

We moved to North Central Idaho in the Fall of 2012.  We had lived previously in Ashland, Oregon for over 25 years.  The decision to relocate to Central Idaho was based on several factors:   being nearer to other family members, establishing a more self reliant, outdoor lifestyle and of course to expand opportunities for wildcrafting.   Melissa homeschooled Axel and I took a sales management role in well water equipment, an industry I had worked in for the past 25 years.

In 2020, Covid restrictions changed all of our lives:  I was laid off and Axels completion of school during the same time period played a significant role in the forming of Bitterroot Botanicals of Idaho LLC, as well as the family’s decision to begin manufacturing Wild Crafted Elderberry Syrup on a commercial scale.  

From my own education and practical experience in business, sales, and marketing, and Melissa’s natural artistic and creative abilities, and Axel’s knowledge and understanding of social media, internet opportunities and generational trends, our family combined our skills to create a truly family owned and operated business success story. 

How It All Began

While still in Oregon, a friend from Germany visited and observed my processing the pile of Elderberry branches I had gathered, with plans to make wine.  My good friend shared that in Europe, Elderberry Syrup was used extensively during cold and flu season as both a preventative and to speed recovery of viral infections.   That tip set the course of our business plans and subsequent Elderberry Syrup adventures.

I began using a tablespoon of Elderberry syrup in my morning smoothie each day.  In the Spring of 2009, I became a true believer in the amazing health benefits of Elderberry Syrup.  My wife and son had both contracted the dreaded H1N1 Swine flu, and I stayed home to take care of them, thoroughly convinced that any day I would begin to experience the awful symptoms.  At this point, I began taking my Elderberry Syrup several times daily.  After roughly a week, Melissa and Axel began to recover, and I personally never showed any sign of infection.

Elderberry Syrup became the end game for us as a family.   The harvest of Elderberries and making of syrup became an annual event for us and protected us against countless exposures to viral infections.  We still would occasionally get a “touch” of a bug, but never as bad as those around us and we would recover VERY quickly. 

Over the following years, we began giving it as gifts to friends and family and many of those around us also became believers.   

Bitterroot Botanicals of Idaho Takes Shape

Aside from those less than favorable challenges from the pandemic,  we started and muddled our way through our new venture. By early harvest time, Bitterroot Botanicals of Idaho was equipped with a Master Acidified Food Processors certificate, a Food Safety Managers certificate, a letter of process authority from an independent laboratory approving our process and ingredients, lending to successful FDA registration, FDA nutritional labeling, GS1 barcodes for our products, and a license from the health department to manufacture and package our beloved Bitterroot Botanicals of Idaho’s Wild Crafted Elderberry Syrup in a commercial kitchen.

Our family invites you to reach out with questions and to shop in our online store where the addition of Elderberry Syrup to your medicine chest will provide your own family with a powerful, tried and tested herbal medicinal that protects against the ravages of a cold, the flu, and other viral infections.  Many people also find relief from seasonal or chronic allergies through the use of our Elderberry products.

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